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Expired DreamSky Projection Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging Port and FM Radio, 2 " Large Led Numbers Display with Dimmer , Adjustable Alarm Volume, Snooze, Battery Backup , DST Button, Sleep Timer .

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End date : 05/12/2018

Feature :

Fantastic Projection Clock : Project time onto your walls or ceiling , clear readout will be full reviewed by just lying on the bed.180-degree swivel projection allow you to check time without rolling over.【Projection function is active only when the screen is on (high or low dimmer mode) , While the screen is turned off , projection time will be disabled. 】
Large Display with Dimmer : Large 7.5" screen with 2" ultra clear illuminated Led digit display . Time is easy to see at a glance as desk clock. Dimmer function enables you to set the brightness to high, low or completely off . 12Hr display with PM indicator .