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Baby Sling Carrier Wrap by Little World-Suitable for Newborns to 35 lbs,Baby Sling,Nursing Cover-Breathable & Stretchy Cotton Best Baby Shower Gift

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End date : 2018-06-26

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The minimalist design makes this a compact babywearing tool to bring around. Most people find it easy to learn how to use too.A baby wrap allows you to carry your baby in the front carry facing you, front carry facing out, hip carry and piggy back carry. Its that flexible.
For the baby especially newborns and pre-matured borned babies or preemies, the snugness of the wrap emulates the womb perfectly, providing the necessary support for their delicate spine and neck. The spreading of the fabric across a large area of the wearers and the babys bodies also effectly spreads out the weight. The result is greater comfort for both the babywearer and the baby.
You can carry your newborn in it, you can carry your toddler in it, you can use it as a make shift blanket or you can use it as a pillow. The baby wrap is certainly one of those things you would hate to leave behind when you need to make a trip or vacation with your little ones. You can never know when it can come in handy, can you? Anyway, its so easy to bring along, the baby wrap is truly something that many wouldnt want to leave their home without.