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Expired Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Smart Electronic Insect Repeller, Plug in Home Indoor and Outdoor Warehouse Get Rid of Mosquito,rats,Mice?Ants?squirrel,Flea,Roaches,Rodent,Insect[2018 Upgrade] (2 pack)

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End date : 2018-07-16

Feature :

?New Upgrade?This electronic pest repeller is a new product technology upgrade in 2018. SUQI pest warrior uses advanced microcomputer control technology,emits constant frequency(CF)and variable frequency(VF) of pulse sound wave, ultrasonic wave, infrasonic wave, electromagnetic wave, simulation wave, medium wave,so as to stimulate the auditory and nervous systems of rats, bats, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, keeps them away in a few weeks of using.
?Wide Applications?The pest repellent can be widely used in home, warehouse, shop, hotel, hospital, office, grain depot, etc. With a coverage of 150 square.Can repell Mosquito,rats,Mice,Ants,Squirrel ,Flea.Roaches and so many kinds of insect .
?Eco-Friendly and Energy saving? The product USES ABS fire retardant material, the power is less than 5W, and the energy saving mute is safe and environmental protection without radiation Optical repelling function is especial for the rats.The flashing frequency of 180 seconds is a cycle. It flashes from high frequency to low frequency, No harmful to the pets and human , also prevent the adaptability of rats.

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