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Frequency asked questions

1.Q: What is the Dealgogogo chrome extension?
A: Dealgogogo is a free chrome extension which, upon being installed, will automatically help Amazon users find a massive amount of coupon codes while they browse product pages on Amazon. Without ever having to leave Amazon, Dealgogogo chrome extension users are able to see coupon information and similar discounted items on every product page and the coupon codes provided by the extension will be automatically applied at checkout.
2.Q:Please do not use two coupons in one order. Why?
A:When there are more than one coupon in the same order, Amazon automatically applies the first coupon only and nullifies all the other coupons. Make sure that only one item with coupon code is in your order before checking out. You may have to split orders and check out multiple times if there are more than one item with coupon code in your cart in order to maximize the number of coupon codes you can apply.
3.Q: How do I know if the Dealgogogo chrome extension is working right now?
A: Please make sure that the Dealgogogo extension has been installed on your chrome browser. Next, check if there is a tricolored letter D icon at the top right corner of your browser, as shown in the picture below. The letter D icon will turn tricolored when you browse Amazon pages on chrome.
4.Q: Why is the Dealgogogo chrome extension not finding any coupon codes for me?
A: This happens when no coupon code is available for the items in your order. In this case, you will be informed that the price now is the best deal.

If the Dealgogogo extension doesn’t work on your chrome browser, please contact us at We will fix the problem as soon as possible.
5.Q: What kind of site is Dealgogogo?  Do you sell products directly? 
A: is one of the largest Deals and Coupon code site in America. We post the best deals and coupon information 24/7.  The products listed on are sold by different reliable online stores such as, as indicated in each deal post.
6.Q: How does this website work?
A: Sellers publish discount products here to encourage buyers to experience their products. As a buyer, follow the steps below to get your unlimited discount products. Browse and select products you like on our site. Use the coupon code to place order on Store.
7.Q: Can we use more than one of coupon codes in the same purchase?
A: We can definitely try it out, some time it works. But, in most case, unfortunately seller creates exclusive coupon code, which mean it can't be applied together with other codes. Please check out the discount product one by one. Also we can purchase with other non discount items to save the shipping fee if needed.
8.Q: Any of my personal information will be provided to seller by
A: No, absolutely NOT. does not have any of your personal information, except your registered Email address . Seller may get access to your other inform from other channels after you made the purchase.
9.Q: I bought a product from your site but I still haven’t received it. Could you check my order?
A: The products listed on are sold by different online stores such as, as we only share the coupon code and deals information, and do not sell products on our own. If you haven’t received your product, please contact the online store directly.  If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to write email for our help.
10.Q: I am looking at a deal posted on your site but when I click through the link, the price looks different from the price listed?  Why is that?
A: Good deals expire quickly.  While we try our best to update all the deals and mark the expired ones, there could be a lag between the real expiration time and the time we checked.
11.Q: I bought an item but I am not happy with the quality.  What if I would like to return it?
A: We only recommend deals from reputable websites, and most of items can be returned (unless it's stated "final sale").  If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can contact the seller for a refund or exchange.  If you have problem contacting them, also feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.
12.Q: Why my request fail?
A: 1.The request number of this product meet the daily limit set by the seller.
2.The request number of this user meet the daily limit 10.
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