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Introduction of Level and Points

User gets points when interactive with the Dealgogogo community.The more points you got the higher your level is. Higher Level means you can access more community functions and have higher privilege.
User also gets coins when inter-active with the Dealgogogo community which could be used to buy gift cards or goods in the Coins Shop.
Point rules:
Login: +2 points +1 coin (Only first time of a day)
Post a comment: +2 points +1 coin (Maximum 5 times per day)
Post comments violated rules: -2 points -1 coin
Share to Facebook: +5 coins (Maximum 5 time per day)
Invite friend to register: +10 points +2 coins (Maximum 5 times per day)
Apply deal success: +10 points +5 coins (maximum 5 times per day)
Add to Amazon shopping cart: +15 points +5 coins (maximum 5 times per day)
Provide Amazon order ID: +20 points +15 coins (maximum 5 times per day)
Rules of points and levels:

LV1 0-100

LV2 101-300

LV3 301-600

LV4 601-1000

LV5 1001-1500

LV6 1501-2500

LV7 2501-5000

LV8 5001-10000

LV9 10001-20000

LV10 20001-30000

LV11 30001-40000

LV12 40001-50000

LV13 50001-65000

LV14 65001-80000

LV15 80001-100000

LV16 100001-120000

LV17 120001-140000

LV18 140001-160000

LV19 160001-180000

LV20 180001 above